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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Jundi-Shapur University of Technology, Dezful 64615334, Iran


This paper proposes a novel day-ahead energy hub scheduling framework aimed at improving resiliency. Accordingly, an energy hub including combined heat and power (CHP), boiler, electric-heat pump (EHP), absorption and electric chillers, energy storages and renewable sources is considered. This energy hub is equipped with smart grid (SG) infrastructures, making it possible to implement demand response (DR) programs and optimally operate energy storages. The hub is connected to the electricity and natural gas networks. Outage of input energy carriers causes failure of devices in the energy hub, loss of electrical loads, failure in cooling and heating and thus reduced resiliency. Maintaining the security of the hub consumers’ power supply system in the event of such severe disturbances is essential. Therefore, a new strategy based on the use of backup electric energy storages (EES) and DR program is proposed in this paper to improve resiliency. In addition, a numerical index is used to accurately calculate and evaluate resiliency. Numerical studies show that the proposed strategy improves resiliency during the outage of power and gas networks by 12.02% and 14.23% respectively when backup energy storages and DR program are implemented simultaneously.


  • An optimization framework for energy scheduling of a resilient energy hub with DR programs and backup storage has been provided.
  • In the proposed model, the operation has been performed in two modes: normal mode (connected to the grid) and outage mode of energy carriers.
  • Resiliency has been calculated for all consumer demands (electricity, heating, and cooling) using a practical and accurate index.


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